Top 10 Must Do’s at Disney

Hey internet. So rumor has it that Top 10 lists are all the rage. Also that (insert recent ride closure rumor) is closing, but I’m going to focus on the Top 10 lists because that is something that would make for much more interest content than a rumor about a park ride closing. Mostly because you get 90% of the info you need right there. Ride’s closing, okay thanks!

But if you don’t know me, I’m a big theme park guy and have done Disney more times than I can count. So here is my list of 10 things you MUST DO while you’re at Disney.

1. Breathing

Breathing is super important if you want to make it to all those fast passes. They don’t let dead people get super far past the entrance, so make sure you’re breathing.

2. Enter the Park with Valid Park Admission

You need to get in to the park to enjoy it, and you need valid admission to enter, so make sure you do that before you enjoy anything. Mostly because you have to.

3. Wear Clothes

Fun story, one time I saw a guy not allowed in the park because he had no shirt or pants on. Don’t be like that guy.

4. Eat When Your Hungry and Drink When Your Thirsty

You’re walking around all day can work up an appetite and thirst. Keep all that in check with some delicious food and thirst quenching water. Where you get that from, doesn’t matter as long as you do it.

5. Go Past the Entrance

You very well can’t enjoy anything if you just enter the park and stand there. Mostly because they’ll tell you to move so other people can get in.

6. Take a Picture

You can’t brag about how cool it was to go to the most magical place on earth without some proof about your trip without the potential help of eBay or a watermark ruining your lie.

7. Don’t Pee Anywhere That Isn’t a Restroom

You can’t go anywhere that isn’t a bathroom. No jokes here. Just do your business in a bathroom.

8. Yell Out “Andy’s Coming” in a Gift Shop

Odds are, Sharron will be wanting her break and thinks Andy is late coming from break. Yelling this will summon him so Shannon can be at peace and not worry about her break.

9. Ask for Free Stuff at Any Gift Shop to be Told No

You know what I hate, having to work to be told no. But by going up to someone in a gift shop and asking if I can have something, usually an expensive hand bag, and not pay for it, I will always be greeted with them telling me no. BOOM! Didn’t even break a sweat with that one. Also works at food locations and for fast passes.

10. Say Thank You to Everyone Working There

Okay, once again no jokes here. A lot of people who work there are hot, tired and have been yelled at for something that was out of their control. Saying thank you can go a long way and can mean the world for them.

And those are my tips on how to make the most of your day at any and every Disney Park. I’ve done these every time I’ve gone and always had a great time. Now I need to work on my next list like this, Top 10 Things To Do at Fun Spot. Here’s a sneak peak:

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