Vampirina Coming To Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Still No Word On If Tommy Has Finished His Homework

What a Halloween Treat! Vampirina from the show of the same name is coming to Hollywood Studios just in time for Halloween! She will be added as a meet and greet character at Animation Courtyard, to the Disney Junior Character meal at Hollywood and Vine and even to the new DJ Mickey Dance Party!

However Tommy needs to finish his homework if he plans on being able to go and visit his favorite animated vampire. Your grades have been slipping Tommy, you need to finish your homework so you can excel in school.

Vampirina is a show that debuted on Disney Junior last year, 2017, and has already garnered a large fan base. Including Tommy, who better be doing his homework and not working on Vampirina fan art. I know you may look the same age Tommy, but she’s a vampire. Vampires don’t age like regular people. She could be 374, you’re 6. Tell me how much a difference that is Tommy. It’s right there on your homework.

Make sure to visit Vampirina when she flys in to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL later this year. Make sure to take lots of pictures to send to Tommy as a reminder of, “This is who you could be meeting if you finished your homework.”

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