SeaWorld Review, Or At Least From What I Remember From My Last Trip In 2004

SeaWorld! It’s the 3rd most popular theme park company in the Orlando area with one of the coolest themes around. It makes sense to have an ocean themed theme park considering more than half of the Earth is ocean. But what are my thoughts on it? Well you’ve come to the right place to gather that information, cause I’m rating SeaWorld today. Though full disclosure, I haven’t been since 2004, so I’m rating it based on that. So let’s go to the review:

(Park map I’m using for reference. Thanks Internet!)

Dolphin Cove

You know what’s cool to see, dolphins! Even though they’re smarter than humans, we still found a way to make them into an attraction for our enjoyment. You don’t see many human attractions ran by dolphins do you? Score one us! But this was a cool attraction where you get to see dolphins and even got to feed them! Maybe, I’m not 100% sure. I remember feeding the dolphins on my trip though. And by feed them, I mean a dolphin came up and jumped and ate my cup with the fish. Didn’t even bother to say “so long” or “thanks” for all the fish he just stole from me. Or she, I still don’t know how to tell the difference. Just took it all like a fatty. Regardless, it was fun. 8/10

Stingray Lagoon

You got to pet stingrays! As long as they came by you. And some bratty kid didn’t go in front of you. Only one of those did happened to me. 5/10, Parents control your kids.

Journey To Atlantis

So I didn’t actually do this because I was told you get really wet and me being a dumb teenager, didn’t want that. My brother did go on it and said he enjoyed it. And while I do trust his opinion, he also once gave me an Oreo but replaced the cream with shortening, so I’m always skeptical with him. 7/10?


So I’m about to fanboy out here because for a while THIS was my favorite roller coaster I had ever been on circa 2004. It’s an inverted roller coaster with the track below you. By that I mean you have the inverted roller coaster seating, should restraints and feet dangling, but the track is below you. It was also pretty tall and fast and had a good amount of inversions. I remember riding it at least 3 times. I thought, how could roller coasters be any better? Then I rode Montu at Busch Gardens 4 days later. 9/10

Clyde and Seymour Take Pirate Island

I enjoyed this show a lot. It had a lot of goofy humor, maybe? There were some seals I do remember. Something about finding treasure? Not going to lie, I forgot this show was a thing until I read the map for making this review. I remember not hating it, which is good. 6/10

Clydesdale Hamlet

I do remember seeing horses at an ocean theme park and thinking, “This is corporate synergy at its finest.” I also found out how big Clydesdales are, in more ways than one (gross). It was cool seeing them up close, but it’s an ocean theme park, it makes no sense. Or was it at Busch Gardens where I saw the happy horse? I don’t remember. But it’s a horse barn, so that’s something? I don’t know/10

Wild Arctic

So I didn’t do this in 2004, but I DO remember doing it when I was 8-ish and remember really enjoying it. The ride itself was a cool motion simulator and it was even cooler seeing the polar bears. I need to go back and do this again so I can see them polar bears. 8/10

The Shamu Adventure

So at the risk of PETA coming after me, I enjoyed this show a lot. It was cool seeing man and whale working together to put on a great show. I sat in the far back because splash zones are a thing with this show. And that was a good thing because everyone in the front got a heaping dose of whale swimming by and drenching them. Now no jokes here, I know going back I won’t see a show with the trainers in the water. It is a tragic thing, but a needed one given the size difference and for the safety of the trainers. 9/10

Shamu Bar

I’m giving an entry to a food item that in no way was made to directly copy another ice cream bar in the shape of an animal that was sold a few miles down the road. But I do remember having this one and preferring it over the one down the street because of the chocolate that they used tasted better. Seriously, I need to go back for a Shamu Bar. 10/10

And that’s my review of SeaWorld from what I remember from 2004. I’ve been meaning to go back, but time. Also money. But mostly time. All in all, I’ll give SeaWorld circa 2004 a 8.5/10. I remember not hating it and enjoying myself. Which is the highest praise I can give something I kind of remember.

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