Tron Lightcycle Construction Causes Temporary Attraction Closures

Tron Lightcycle is the newest attraction coming to Magic Kingdom and it is causing the temporary closures of two Magic Kingdom attractions to help with construction. The Walt Disney World Railroad will close in December of 2018 reopening at a later date and the Tomorrowland Speedway will close in early 2019 with a reopening date of Summer 2019 and a rerouted course.

Picture from Disney Parks Blog

This would be great if I had some of the self serve cheese sauce that you could only get at Magic Kingdom quick service locations to help me get over the fact that Magic Kingdom will go down from having 43 attractions to 41. What am I going to tell my children when I tell them the trip will only consist of 41 things to do during our Magic Kingdom trip, and not one of those involves driving a car, riding a calm train or pouring our own cheese sauce?

Granted, I don’t have children, but that’s not the point. The point is, I’m still really sad about them removing the cheese sauce stations. Sure they have cheese sauce packets, but it’s not the same. I understand the safety concerns behind it, but I’m still allowed to miss it. I have a hole in my heart, and it can only be filled by some delicious MK Self Serve Cheese Sauce. It’s my Szechuan Sauce. I want my Self Serve MK Cheese Sauce. It’s liquid gold!

Tron Lightcycle will open by 2021, just in time for Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary. Which is also known as, “The Golden Anniversary.” You know what else is golden…

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