American Ghost Adventures Review

A few weeks ago, I experienced an attraction that was different from any I have yet to do in Orlando (And I once drove on Orange Blossom Trail, at night). I went on a ghost tour of Orlando with American Ghost Adventures. I have never done a ghost tour before, but I’ve seen ghost specials on the Travel Channel and Ghostbusters several times. So with a thirst to learn more about Orlando history and to get everyone further in the Halloween spirit (that pun was very much intended), here’s my review of my experience on a Ghost Tour with American Ghost Adventures.

To start your ethereal journey, you have to meet at a restaurant called Harry Buffalo on Church Street. Which sidebar, mister Buffalo has a very fine establishment with great food. But more on the building later. My tour guide was a woman named Brooke who did a very good job the whole tour. She engaged with questions and let the tourists dictate if it’s a history tour or a “let’s talk to dead people” tour. Mine was in the latter, against my preference.

Our tour started in the basement of the Hispanic Asian fusion restaurant, as all classic ghost stories do, El Buddha. The room was lit with red lightbulbs, chairs were knocked over and there were animal skulls on the blood red walls (great place to go on a hot date). We then tried to communicate with a ghost boy who for this article I will call Jeffery, because I honestly forgot his actual name. Our guide place a flashlight on a bar at the opposite end of the basement. It was a screw-on flashlight that she left slightly off so any electricity would turn the light on. Fun fact I found out, ghost are electric (boogey-oogey woogey) so if a ghost was there, the light would turn on. Long story short, the light turned on, but Jeffery turned it on too brightly. So he kindly dimmed the light for us. One pair of new pants later for me an we were off to our next spot.

Luckily our next spot was a bathroom at Hamburger Mary’s. Which was good since I had to use it. But we were also told that this was haunted. So guess who held it for the rest of the tour? My sister who was also on the tour did go in to investigate. She saw a faucet turn on, so that was good enough from her.

The rest of the tour was a good history lesson of downtown Orlando with no paranormal activity. But our finale took us back to Buffalo Harry’s to the third floor, which turns out IS haunted. We were taken to a parlor room with an open door which led into a pitch black abyss where I’m assuming children’s dream and winning seasons for the Cleveland Browns go to die. Apparently that hallway is haunted by spirit of an old man. So I’m assuming the hallway is his lawn and I wasn’t going anywhere near it.

We then went to our final room which was a children’s room where more children spirits not named Jeffery live. We were given random items that he had (I had a book for Rin Tin-Tin). Luckily no children came out to play, because I was still trying to get over murder basement and lawn hallway.

So what do I really think of American Ghost Adventures tours? Do I believe in ghosts? Does anyone else know who Rin Tin-Tin is?

In my honest opinion, I can’t recommend going on this tour enough, especially if you can get Brooke. It was an always engaging tour and I never felt like it dragged. I saw some crazy things that would challenges someone’s belief in the supernatural. But what I can say is that American Ghost Adventures gets a rating of, Do It! It’s a lot fun, some good exercise and you might learn a thing or two. Like stay out of dark murder hallways.

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