The Plastic Straw and Lid Debate

Several key issues have plagued our society, who should be allowed to marry, what countries should we trade with or what in the world is a Cardi B? But nowadays, people are hotly debating on whether we should continue to allow plastic straws or lids to remain inside of theme parks. And because we here at The Churro strongly believe that both sides of the argument deserved to be heard (unless one of those sides is Nazis), let’s look at the issue.

Image from The Daily Beast

So pros of keeping straws and lids, it makes drinking beverages easier. It can allow you keep better form of the cup and drinking from a straw is one of the easiest things you could do outside of booking a Muppet-Vision 3D fast pass. And if you drop it, only a little bit would come out and not the whole cup. And some demographics of people do benefit from the use of straws and lids because of dexterity issues, such as smaller children, older people or people who have neurological issues like Parkinson’s. All valid points.

On the flip side, plastic straws and lids are bad for the environment because plastic has a decomposition rate of never according to Al Gore, and I’m one to trust the word of Vice Presidents not named Spiro Agnew. And there are alternatives such as paper straws and the option to sell reusable cups (which can oddly enough be made of plastic). The other option is to just drink the cup like you would at home, no straws needs. Once again, all points valid.

But we are forgetting the third option that is available that most people forget. People are either, “save the planet,” or, “don’t take my straws.” But at The Churro, we will boldly take the side of, “Oh my gosh, who cares about whether or not we have plastic straws. There are WAY more important things to throw a fit about.”

We do think it is good that several companies are making changes in their operation to be more eco-conscious. But if they didn’t, it wouldn’t affect our views of them, nor would we really notice. We also understand the importance of keeping some for small children, older people or people who may have certain nervous system issues such as Parkinson’s, because those are actual NEEDS for them. For everyone else, it is a nonessential item.

Think of it as an Electronic Scooter. Are they fun to use? Yes! Do certain people NEED them to get around easier? Yes! Same concept. One person’s needs can be another person’s wants. I want a 4K TV, but I don’t need one. It’s a matter of distinguishing the difference in not only what our personal wants and needs are, but how one person’s wants are someone else’s needs. Some people are actually unable to drink from cups without the assistance of straws and lids, so they should be kept around for them. But as an able bodied person who CAN easily lift me cup to my mouth and balance my tray without too much trouble, a straw is a want.

So the big take away from all of this is, pick your battles. It’s a change that, whether due to social pressure or companies taking a proactive stance on an issue, is permanent. The best thing to do now is to adapt to the new change, mostly because that change isn’t something that will effect us in a negative way. It’s a small but important thing that I bet no one sane will be complaining about in a few months. Not unlike the removal of the cheese sauce from MK quick service locations (yes I’m still upset about that one and realize it contradicts the point of this whole article, but it was so good).

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