New Roller Coaster Announced for Carowinds to Open Spring 2019

After teasing us for a new attraction announcement, Carowinds finally let the world know of its brand new roller coaster, Copperhead Strike. But because just having a new roller coaster isn’t good enough for a park with a lot of them, this one is a DOUBLE LAUNCH ROLLER COASTER! But even better, it’s the first roller coaster that they’ve had with a story that wasn’t, “Get ready to ride this roller coaster!”

The story of this ride is that you are trying to steal this old woman’s prize winning jam recipe. Then you find out granny’s cooking something crazy and head out. And Carowinds may have given us the best launch cue in the history of launching roller coasters. Who needs Steven Tyler or Neil Patrick Harris counting us down? For Copperhead Strike, we get the most North/South Carolina thing with an old woman yelling, “Trespassers! Y’all git outta here!” And then you hear her gun cocking and then you launch for the first time. This alone makes me want to ride it.

But what about the rest of the ride. The first launch is 0 to 42 in 2.5 seconds right into a loop. With 5 inversions and over half a mile of track, this coaster looks for fun thrills than, “Let’s see how sick we can make everyone,” which the former makes for a more fun ride with rerides being more common.

Personally, we here at The Churro can’t wait to ride this once it opens. And that they sell some of that award winning jam in the exit gift shop.

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