One Florida Resident is an Actual Hippo

If you want to go to a truly untapped state park that is not talked about nearly enough, you should check out Homosassa Springs located in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, Homosassa, FL. If not for the fact that there is a Florida resident who lives there that is also a hippo. Let me explain:

So for starters, Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park is a neat little state park that emphasizes the beauty, wonder and conservation for natural Florida wildlife, and a hippo. It has a rustic charm that is unmatched and friendly staff.

But the main point of this article is to bring light to the fact that a hippo was granted Florida citizenship. Born on January 26, 1960 at the San Diego Zoo, Lu the Hippo was featured in such movies and television shows as Cowboys in Africa and the Art Linkler Show. But as most hippos do after a life of movies and television, he retired to Florida and became a roadside attraction.

Photo from Lu the Hippo’s Official Facebook Page

And an attraction he was, until in 1989, the state of Florida purchased the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park to make it a state park with a focus on natural Florida wildlife. Now how many hippos do you see while driving down the highway? If the answer is more than zero, I’d stop smoking bath salts. So big problem for Lu, his home was about to manifest destined away from him and there was nothing that he could do. Mostly because any thing he did would be confused as a cute trick.

So as people do whenever something they love is going to be taken away from them, a protest was created. And this one was actually successful. In 1991, the actual state of Florida issued special actual Florida citizenship to an actual factual hippo. No record is available on if he is able to reap Social Security in 7 years.

And ever since Lu became a Florida citizen, he has continued to be Homosassa Springs most popular attraction. With a Facebook page dedicated to him and even a hippo appreciation group called “Hippo-Lot-Of-Us” who attend his birthday every year. And honestly, I recommend going to visit Lu at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park. He’s a sight to see and it supports state parks.

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