Don’t Always Believe the Internet

I’d like to take a moment to pull out my soap box and speak about some Disney news that makes the rounds. Now this may sound self-deprecating, but bloggers are stupid. Sometimes with the hysterics of being the first to break the news, not everything reported is true. Now I could go on and on about all the things that were reported as “true” by MULTIPLE PEOPLE and never came to be. We don’t have the Tower of Terror bar. Tomorrowland Speedway isn’t closing forever for Tron. And the newest one to add to the list is Rafiki’s Planet Watch isn’t closing. But what’s the big deal?

Here’s the deal, it gets annoying for guests and cast members that so much unconfirmed information is going around as confirmed. I have had cast members tell me, “Yeah, they are changing Rockin’ Roller Coaster is becoming the Mickey Mouse Rockin’ Ride,” and have seen some yelled at because they were telling a guest that there was not going to be a Tower of Terror themed bar. It causes a greasy deal of guest confusion because they come in with expectations and they aren’t met or prove to be, in most cases, misguided anger.

So what can you, as the consumer, do about this? Well for starters, only believe information that is stated to be from “Official Disney Communication,” which can included their social media accounts or the Disney Parks Blog. “Insider sources” are not a credible source of information, I don’t care how often they get used. At this point, “according to an inside source,” is the new, “my uncle works for Nintendo.” (Apologies if anyone’s uncle actually DOES work for Nintendo. If so disregard and good on you!)

But are these claims from “insider sources” ever correct? Well sure, there is always validity and CAN be 100% right sometimes (and you don’t have to be a jerk when it is right). But the thing is that rumors are being confused for facts with these sources, and ultimately everyone ends up worse. Cast get unnecessary questions, which they aren’t allowed to even answer if they do know. Guests get frustrated when things don’t come to pass or prematurely angry before the cast have even been told about a change.

So please, before lashing out on the internet or in the parks, please wait until Disney or Universal or wherever announces a big change before being angry or spreading it as fact. Wait til they announce it, then sharpen your pitchforks and light the torches!

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