Do’s and Don’ts for “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party”

We are just a few weeks away from Halloween, which means it’s time to focus on Christmas! I love Christmas. The sights, the smells, the lights, the pageantry, the people overreacting on the holiday greeting they get. There is no better time than Christmas, especially since Kirk Cameron saved it a few years ago. But my favorite of all the Christmas festivities in Orlando, is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. So in the same vein of my “Do’s and Don’ts for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party,” let’s look at some do’s and don’ts for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party:

Photo from Disney Parks Blog

Do: Eat All The Cookies and Drink all the Hot Chocolate

Included with your ticket is the benefit of having as many cookies and hot cocoa as you can stuff in your belly. So take advantage of that. They got snickerdoodles, peppermint bark chip, shortbread and lots of other good cookies. So go buck wild. Unless…

Don’t: Eat All The Cookies and Drink All The Hot Chocolate If You Have Diabetes’s

I’m not going to advocate you eating gobs of sugar if your body can’t process it properly. So save yourself a trip to the hospital or a shot and just ask for apple slices instead of cookies.

Do: Watch The Christmas Parade, Fireworks and Castle Stage Show

This is the trifecta of jolly. The parade is one of the longest and contains more characters that you can shake a peppermint stick at. The castle stage show is one of the best in the park’s history (minus the second song) with rarer characters like Clarabelle Cow and the Three Caballeros. And Holiday Wishes causes me to become more Christmas than person just thinking about it.

Don’t: Watch A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas

Described on the park map as, “Worse than a turd in your stocking,” I would pass on seeing this show.

Do: Buy an Event Shirt, Pin or Other Cool Piece of Merchandise

What better way to commemorate your time at MVMCP and participate in the time honored Christmas tradition of consumerism than to buy event merchandise? It’s a great conversation started and something that you can ONLY get during the party. So get it while it’s hot.

Don’t: Buy Up All The Merchandise and Sell it on Main Street USA

On top of being a jerk move, you’ll get busted by security and escorted out of the park for solicitation. And getting trespassed isn’t worth reselling merchandise for a 10% gain.

Do: Wear Your Favorite Winter Holiday Attire

Wear a fun sweater, shirt, hat or whatever! It doesn’t even have to be Christmas themed. Wear a Hanukkah sweater or a Kwanza hat. Something to support your favorite winter holiday. Because Disney supports diversity, which is why you’ll hear Santa say Happy Holidays on top of Merry Christmas.

Don’t: Wear a Halloween Costume

From experience, wearing Christmas stuff to the Halloween party is pretty funny. Also from experience, the other way around is not as funny and just gives you more awkward stares. Leave the sexy nurse outfit at home and see the above do. But it’s a family park, so dress appropriately.

Do: See the Snow On Main Street

Snow. In Florida. In true Disney magic, they bring snow to Florida! It’s a regular winter wonderland!

Don’t: Eat the Snow on Main Street

You’ll find it has a soapy taste. So don’t eat it.

Do: Be Merry and Enjoy!

It’s a great feeling walking down Main Street all decked out in Christmas decorations, snowing, lite up and everyone being happy. Enjoy those moments that are sure to last a life time.

Don’t: Lose Your Christmas Spirit, Thus Summoning Krampus (a Large Goat Monster Who Looks Like Santa) Who Punishes People for Losing Their Christmas Spirit By Eating Them

It’s all in the title…just don’t do it.

And those are my Do’s and Don’ts for attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! Hope these help you in planning your trip to the event. Happy Halloween!!!

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