Nintendo Switch Holiday Tour Extravaganza

With the passing of Stan Lee today, I needed something to do to cheer me up (as watching a Marvel movie would just make me sad). So after some research, I found out that the Florida Mall in Orlando was hosting a Nintendo Switch holiday demo event with a chance to play the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate. As a someone who loves him some video games and a blogger who reports on goings on for things to do, this was the perfect thing to do. So I brought two friends along (one of which was YouTuber DarthVader92 and you should go check out his videos) to play my personal most anticipated game of 2018.

First, the layout. They had a center Island where they had the two major game demos, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and four smaller islands with assorted game demos and highlight reels including Fortnight, Super Mario Party, Splatoon 2 and Just Dance 2019 (the year, not how many there have been). Presentation was great! It was bright, clearly laid out and not too loud either. It was great, at least until you tried to play one demo specifically.

It took me a hour to be next to play!

Wait times ranged from walk up and play, wait for the next round or HOLY CRAP 2 HOURS! Needless to say, Smash had the longest wait since it was the only demo of a game that wasn’t out already (as long as you don’t count Overcooked, which I don’t). I feel like having a return time system would have worked wonders for this. It also would’ve have solved my other problem of waiting in line with children. I don’t mean actual children, I mean adults who act like them. I had so many people yelling in my ear, bumping into me and raving about how many times they played already and their twitch channels. I’m not trying to be mean, just giving my insight into my experiences.

But now the major question, how were the games? They were all Nintendo games so they play wonderfully. But since I owned all of them shown except Smash, that was the one I played. And I can say that it is a wonderful experience. It controls a little faster than the prior entry, but not to the point where it becomes hard to know what is going on. They also had the full roster available, but I played as Simon Belmont (homie loves Super Castlevania IV) and he was a great addition to the roster. There were also some other small additions that I liked, such as holding a smash attack for too long causes you to take damage. It’s a good balance move that the developers but in that I can enjoy. It also looked gorgeous! Will definitely be picking my copy up the first day.

So should you go to the Nintendo Switch Holiday Experience? Yes, but be prepared to wait for the Smash demo. And put up with more yelling than a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. The staff from Nintendo was also super helpful and friendly. So visit a mall until December 16th to check it out, but only if you’re one of the 15 locations with it. Sorry Des Moines!

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