Zamperla Donates Ride to Give Kids the World

Now The Churro is normally a safe haven for attractions news with a dose of snark. It’s my way to bring joy to a world that needs a good laugh. But for this article, there will be no snark because it is something that deserves the utmost seriousness because of how wonderful it is.

Today at IAAPA, Italian ride company Zamperla unveiled a new donation to Give Kids the World. For those who have never heard of it, Give Kids the World is a charity organization that brings sick children from all over the world to experience all the wonderful attractions in Orlando to give them a bit of magic. It’s a wonderful organization that has a fleet of volunteers to help and support from all the major attractions companies in Orlando. It is a very wonderful organization.

However there is always a slight hiccup with bringing some kids down to experience attractions. If the child is wheelchair bound, they are severely limited on how much they can experience, especially in terms of smaller thrill rides. It’s an unfortunate reality of the conditions some kids have and how attractions can sometimes not have these features. However, Zamperla has a solution.

The ride they donated: Happy Swing

Zamperla has donated in total 3 attractions to have on the Give Kids the World property. JJ’s Train, Lori’s Magical Flight (the first smaller thrill attraction they donated that was wheelchair accessible) and now the Happy Swing. It was actually during a ride on Lori’s Magical Flight that the CEO of Zamperla found the plot of land he wanted the new ride on.

The ride itself looks like a fun smaller thrill ride that is fun for everyone riding it. Not going too high, but going fast enough to make enough thrills. The demonstration actually had a wheelchair hooked in with a passenger in it. This was a great feel good moment to remember what attractions are about, bringing joy to everyone. And this donation was a great embodiment of this, by providing enjoyment to EVERYONE.

Give Kids the World CEO Pamela Landwirth and Zamperla CEO Alberto Zamperla riding Happy Swing

I’ll finish off with a quote from Alberto Zamperla during the event. “Children are the only pure thing in the world.” So great on Zamperla for their amazing donation and to Give Kids the World for being an amazing charity. If you would like to donate to Give Kids the World or sign up to volunteer, please visit their website at

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