What We’re Excited for in 2019 in Theme Parks

2019 is here and now is the time to look ahead at all the wonderful things we’re going to be getting in the next year. This won’t be in any particular order, but you can bet these coming attractions/lands will eventually range from amazing to “a thing.”

The LEGO Movie World-Legoland Florida

The long awaited sequel to The LEGO Movie is also coming out this year. But Merlin will allow guests to step into a land with a giant building that looks like a LEGO dog. The key ride will be “The LEGO Movie Ride” where you can ride on a TRIPLE DECKER COUCH! That way you and more of your friends can all watch TV and ride together. It’s not a stupid idea or the worst.

Copperhead Strike-Carowinds

I’ve gushed a lot about this ride already, but I am a sucker for launching roller coasters themed to moonshining.

Unnamed Harry Potter Roller Coaster-Islands of Adventure

I have no idea what this ride is going to be and Universal has been very quiet about it (I know, surprise). Sure there are rumors about what it Very well may be, but we don’t entertain rumors here. But if they are true, it sounds like fun!

Steel Curtain-Kennywood

For the longest time, there has never been a super big roller coaster themed to a football team. Well Kennywood is fixing this problem with Steel Curtain, a Steelers themed roller coaster. With 9 inversions and speeds up to 75 miles an hour, it’ll be a hoot and a holler. Here’s also hoping that they’ll make a ride based on the Green Bay Packers.

Wonderful World of Animation-Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A new nighttime show at DHS that isn’t Star Wars related, sounds like the basis of an amazing show. And it debuts on the park’s 30th Anniversary.

Tigris-Busch Gardens Tampa

A tiger themed roller coaster in the shape of a giant circle is just what the doctor ordered for Busch Gardens. Not that they need more coasters, but another cool one never hurt.

Jurassic World Ride-Universal Studios Hollywood

A new ride based on the newest series of movies using the same ride system as the original supposedly but with new scenes and dinosaurs and same ride path is nothing but giant metaphor for the films being remake sequels. I’m still excited for this.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A dark ride that is 3D ride, but with NO GLASSES! Wish it was in the classic animation style, but if it has the writing caliber of the new shorts then I’ll be happier than going to Potatoland!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge-Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios

This is the big event for next year. Everyone knows what’s coming, it will be slammed packed busy and I’ll be ready to have fun in the 3 hour line to get in a month after it opens.

And that’s the basic list of all that I’m excited for this year. And you can bet I’ll be covering all the openings I can and even cooler if I can get a media invite to them. Hint, hint.

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