Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Live Returns to Epcot. Here’s What I Want To See.

It was announced yesterday that the greatest show that Disney has recently debuted at Walt Disney World, Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Live, is coming back! I will be honest, I love the show. It had great characters, pyrotechnics, performers, but the best part was the set list. Featuring songs from the first movie, tv show and ride at California, it was top to bottom a great set list! But it could’ve been better. So what better way to celebrate the return announcement than me nitpicking on how to make a great show even better. Here it is, my six songs they should have.

1. Keep “Hooked on a Feeling” as the Opener

This is the song used in the first trailer for the original Guardians film. This needs to stay because it is our intro to the Guardians and it should remain Star Lord’s way of introducing Zandarians to music.

2. “Mr. Blue Sky”

Shifting gears, change the second song from “Come and Get Your Love” to this ELO classic. My only gripe about the original show is the main focus on the first soundtrack when the second one had some amazing gems to play as well, especially since the second movie came out a year beforehand. So swap opening credit songs in this case. It’s a happy upbeat hit that is impossible to not sing along with.

3. “Cherry Bomb”

No disrespect to Mrs. Benatar, but Cherry Bomb is the much better song to highlight the female vocalists and guitarists. It has a much heavier guitar riff and more belting. A good showcase for the female singers.

4. “Hammer to Fall”

I would still keep a Queen song in the rotation because Queen (to be fair I have a third version of this show I’d want them to do with ALL Queen songs). While “Don’t Stop Me Now” was used in the animated show and not the movies, I’d go with one that should be in the 3rd movie, whenever that comes out. It’s a very under appreciated Queen song. It also uses backup singers for most of the song, so everyone in the band has a crucial part to, and I’m sorry for this one, PLAY. Check out the Live Aid version to see how great it can sound live.

5. “I Want You Back” as the Closer Again

Why mess with perfection? Start and end the show with the same songs as the first version. This Jackson 5 favorite is great for movin’ and groovin’ and sing along fun. A great song to send everyone home on.

And that’s what I’d do to revamp perfection. Whether or not they go with my opinions or not, I will probably go see this show every week at least twice because it’s that good. Because good music makes for a good show. I’m glad we live in the timeline where they bring this show back and not, “Mickey’s American Street Beat.”

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