Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures Opening Soon at Napa Rose in Disneyland for, Wait, HOW MUCH IS IT!?!?!

Announced recently was that Napa Rose would be getting a character dining experience for breakfast with the Disney Princesses. Napa Rose is a personal restaurant at Disneyland for having excellent food, service (especially Ronnie) and they make a mean Manhattan. And until now, they only served dinner. So making use of a building to have expanded dining hours, make it kid friendly and breakfast food is always great! Then I read that it was $125 per person and I regret all the good things I said about this idea.

Now the idea is good, but is the $125 too steep a price tag for breakfast? Especially when we live in a world with Trial’s End breakfast/brunch and Denny’s. Now granted, the experience will involve most of the Disney Princess lineup to meet with, activities with them, keepsakes and memories that will last a life time hopefully. But is the $125 price tag too much?

So let’s take the big breakfast dining meal at Walt Disney World, Cinderella’s Royal Table. Breakfast for this can go for $50-$60 a person and in trying to research pricing exactly by making a dummy reservation but not actually reserving it, I couldn’t find a single reservation even 6 months out. Even for lunch or dinner which is more expensive. So price clearly is not a deterrent in making character dining reservations. But this meal also takes place dead center of the busiest theme park in the world. So the value of getting this is much greater for breakfast versus a meal in a hotel that has an entrance to the side of California Adventure that only guest of the hotel can use.

But that’s the big point here, perceived value. If a family can find the value of this, then they should go for it. The description does make it seem like it will be more than a regular character dining experience and could be more engaging. More engaging with guest means the value goes up for guests and it’s a win for everyone. And as long as the characters can bring $125 worth of excellent guest service every time, this can be a wonderful meal for people of all ages. And I’m not just saying that to get a free meal…okay, I am.

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