Enhancing Universal’s Character Meet and Greets: Just Add Butt Glitter

Last week, Universal Studios Orlando debuted what we are going to officially call the greatest meet and greet character of all time. And it’s a side character from the movie “Trolls.” Yes, you can meet Guy Diamond and on top of being naked with his rear end out for God and country to see, he also farts glitter (or “glarting” as Senior Director of Creative Development for the park Michael Aiello said on Twitter).

Image result for glitter farting troll
Guy Diamond mid-glart. (Photo from Attractions Magazine’s original video)

But that raises a good question, with Guy Diamond and Blue the Velociraptor seemingly being great steps forward in what I would consider Universals biggest opportunity not named “parking,” what else can they do to continue the momentum of fully bringing those character interactions and making them true to the source material? Well pull up something to sit on, or stand or whatever you want to do, just keep reading and I’ll give you my opinions.

-Offer a Minion Meet and Greet with Swappable Backdrops

We all have that aunt, grandma or whomever who posts memes about how they’re not having a good work day, God made them special, or they’re out of butter or some random stuff like that with the Minions shoehorned into the image. What do the Minions have to do with these messages? Nothing! But what better souvenir to give to that aunt than your kids recreating these memes with the Minions.

-The Grinch Steals Your Toys When You Meet Him

Bringing a more authentic Grinch experience to the mix can really make your trip memorable. Have him steal your kid’s toys to “fix them.” Don’t worry, you’ll get them back at the end of the trip, but only if you go to a banquet afterwards. This may seem like it would be a burden because of the additional time, but have you ever had roast beast? Worth it!

-Doc Brown Will Randomly be Chased and Shot by Libyans

Just like in the movie, things will be going great and fine and then BAM he starts being chased down by Libyans. And they’ll try to shoot at guests, but the gun will jame allowing you to inadvertently escape to 1955 and almost park with your mom. Real authentic character interaction goodness.

-Listen to Grandpa Simpson’s Stories

Wait times for this would be long, but well worth it. Abe would take one look at you and then go on a long incoherent tangent about who knows what. You could go back and tell all your friends that you had a senile old man tell you about how kids wore onions on their belt back in day, as it was the style at the time.

-Conan O’Brien Only Meets You for a Fraction of What He Should

With a ride based on “The Tonight Show,” how about a meet and greet with Conan? And true to his tenure, the meet and greet is over almost as soon as it starts. You’ll be forced out and taken to another rehashed meet and greet. Bonus points if they make the one they send you to the exact same one they could use to entertain you before meeting Conan. Yes I’m still bitter about it.

Now these are just some ideas that I have. I’m sure the fine people at Universal Creative are working on the next big thing. And they’ve been on a hot streak too. So don’t Supercharge this streak guys.

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