Last Week In Theme Parks W/E 3/16

It’s Sunday my dudes! Happy St. Patrick’s Day and it’s time to look at all the fun things that happened last week in theme parks. Sadly, it was a bit of a slow week after weeks of nonstop news. So it may have been best that we had a slow news week, because Twitter did a great job of creating something for everyone to talk about. But more on that later, here’s the news.

Tron Lightcycle Beam Signing
This week was a special week for cast members at the Magic Kingdom as they were allowed to sign on of the main support beams that will be used in the new Tron Lightcycle roller coaster at Magic Kingdom. This is always a fun event and a special way for cast to be a part of the ride. Fun fact: my name is on the tallest beam inside Galaxy’s Edge

TRON attraction construction milestone at Magic Kingdom park - cast member signs name on first steel support columns for the new attraction
It’s always cool to sign a support beam! Photo from the Disney Parks Blog

Universal Announces More Hagrid’s Motorbike Roller Coaster Details
Tom Felton and Alan Moore gave us more details on Universal’s newest roller coaster in the forest where ET’s pre-show video was shot. The ride will have guests riding along to search for some of the rarest and coolest magical creatures at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour (making it the third fastest ride at the park). Look for more when the ride opens on June 13th, no word yet on if Fluffy will say your name as you drive by.

Disney Springs Parking Debate
See, slow news week. We end our news wrap up with the one thing that was constant on #DisTwitter this week, which parking garage is the best. Some people said Orange was the best, others say Lime. And both sides spouted this with such ferocity, you’d think they were picking sides on who should rule Westeros (The Churro fully endorses Daenerys Targaryen as the rightful ruler who should sit on the Iron Throne). But this brings up a big point, which side is the better side? A rational person would say, well it really depends on your plans. Only doing shopping at Marketplace, Lime for your best time. Plan on ending at the movies or bowling, Orange is your…nothing rhymes with orange. But then you have other things to consider as well. For example, getting into Lime is a tremendous headache where you need to perform a U-turn if you are coming from the Disney Parks. Coupled with the fact that Orange has an entrance right off I-4. So ease of getting into, Orange is king. But then you also need to consider that Lime is closer to a lot more. There are a large number of shops and dining locations on the eastern side of Disney Springs. So while it may be harder to get to the Lime garage, once you are there you have easier access to everything. Lime also has one extra floor of parking. So statistically, you can find more at Lime. So which garage is better. I think the better question is, who cares. They are garages, just park in one and move on with your life. End of discussion.

So that is going to bring us to the end of the news week. Check back next week where we’ll recap the week in theme parks and hopefully don’t have to cover the may or may not be ethical dilemma of wearing a shirt that says, “Most Expensive Day Ever.”

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