10 Things That Should Happen in “Avengers: Endgame”

Let’s take a break from all the craziness of the theme parks for a moment, and draw our attention to what may be the biggest movie of the 2010’s, Avengers: Endgame. A movie that has had 20 plus other movies to build toward it, it is the culmination of several other franchises crossing over into on giant franchise that Disney bought into after movie number two. After another trailer and movie, it’s time to say what I want to see happen in Endgame. I know that not everything listed may come to be and a few are more based on personal critiques, but let’s run it down before Watch Mojo does this. Also: spoilers ahead.

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Will this movie be the satisfying conclusion we want? Considering the reputation of a whole studio depends on it, I would hope so.

Ten: A Better Captain Marvel
While I did enjoy the movie Captain Marvel a lot, one of my biggest issues with it was the titular heroine. Yes she is powerful, snarky, has a great can do attitude and never lets anything get her down. But the big issue is what makes her worth rooting for? It is a similar issue that I had with Thor back when he first debuted. Yes he had a sense of duty to his people, but I never felt that he fully understood what that meant until Thor Ragnarok. It could also be an issue of that all of her weaknesses were a result of a chip restricting her powers being placed on her and once it’s wrecked she has full control. Like Thor, how do you make an all powerful being relatable? Maybe her having to be forced as the one to lead the Avengers at the end of the movie will lead her to having a sense of purpose and give dimension to the character’s arc. But as it stands now, she is a good member of the Avengers roster and the potential is there, but she needs work to avoid “Scrappy-Doo Syndrome.” Also, someone needs to call her Cheeseburger (that was her call sign in the comic books).

Nine: Several Smaller Moments to Off Set Bigger Ones
Some of my favorite moments in the Avengers series haven’t been the large fight scenes, but the smaller moments. I get as much enjoyment out of Peter Parker introducing himself to Dr. Strange as I love the camera circle the original six in the first Avengers movie. It’s in these little moments that gives us insight into how these characters would interact with each other as well lets the audience breathe. With Endgame promising a final large scale fight against Thanos, we need some soft moments to let us take everything in.

Eight: Unexpected Team Ups
What was my favorite weird moment in Infinity War? Easy: Bucky Barnes hoisting up Rocket and swinging him around to take out every bad guy in sight. It’s these types of team ups that make these crossover movies so great. So who do I want to see team up? How about an Iron Man/Captain Marvel double blast ala Dragonball Z? Or Antman and Rocket having a snark off and getting a Wet Hot American Summer reference in their banter. There are several opportunities and we only can have so many movies to do these types of interactions.

Seven: Hawkeye and Black Widow Romance
This was something I always wanted to happen. Clint and Natasha had a natural chemistry in the first Avengers movie and subsequent outings, I’m surprised they never made it happen sooner. But if the latest trailer gives any kind of indication, this is going to be explored.

Six: One Last Great Stan Lee Cameo
We have had three outstanding Stan Lee cameos since his passing, but I feel like Endgame needs to be the last one. Maybe have him come back from being dusted. Have him back with the Watchers from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 to tell them more stories. Let him say he will keep the Infinity Gauntlet safe once Thanos is no longer in possession of it. There are so many options on what they could do as each cameo is more random and unexpected than the previous one. But either way, they need to end it on the best one possible.

Five: Steve Rodgers Finally Says “Avengers, Assemble”
How have we gone more than twenty films and this phrase has yet to be said in any of the movies? We got a tease at it in Age of Ultron. But that’s all it was, a terrible tease of a really cool moment. Maybe once they get all the Avengers back from being dust, this is the line that gets the final battle started. We need this line said, and the first Avenger needs to be the one who says it.

Four: Hint At Phase 4
This number placement wasn’t me being cute, it just kind of happened. Assuming we will have a new Avengers roster at the end of the movie and the main bad guy of the last two phases dead, the franchise will need a new main villain or goal. Especially now with the Fox deal gone through, Marvel Studios now has the entire catalog of baddies to pull from. The obvious choice here would be Galactus, as he is the only other bad guy who is bigger (quite literally) than Thanos. Maybe we could see a properly done Doctor Doom. Maybe Ultron finds a way to come back, but more menacing like the trailers promised he would be. Or go another way and show who the heroes could be. There is so much speculation on where it could go, but more than likely, it will be exciting to see.

Three: Removing Iron Man and Captain America From the Roster
It will be incredibly sad to see the removal of Iron Man and Captain America from the franchise, but it is inevitable. After teasing the demise of both men in Infinity War and both coming out alive, it is only assumed at least one will die. The likely choice would be Captain America, so he could pass up his shield and mantle as leader of the Avengers. The events would also more than likely have Tony exiting to spend more time with Pepper Potts, but still allowing him to be involved in a behind the scenes role, providing everyone with some great near gear.

Two: A Surprise Fox Cameo

If they can film a scene where all the Avengers are having shawarma and have it in the final cut in less than a week, Marvel can film a surprise cameo for a mid or final credit scene involving one of Fox’s heroes. My money is on a Deadpool cameo riding in on his scooter to the charred remains of the final battlefield saying he overslept or something fourth wall breaking. You don’t need him to swear of anything super crazy, but just acknowledging his existence in the MCU, makes it that much more enjoyable and would provide much needed levity to a more than likely tear-jerker of a film.

One: Nebula Defeats Thanos
The whole reason this list was started was because this is the number one thing I want to see happen. One top of this being how Thanos is defeated in the original Infinity War comic, the movies I feel have been hinting at the fact that Nebula will be the one to finish Thanos. She makes it her main motive in what she does in all of Guardians Vol 2, even stopping her assault on Gamora over their shared hatred of the mad titan. She also comes the closest any has to killing him in Infinity War, and that was on her own. Much like the comics, she should die immediately afterwards and it would be one of the saddest moments in the series. But after Yondu’s death and the last five minutes of Infinity War, I think we can handle it.

And that is what I want to see happen in Avengers: Endgame. Now will all of this happen? Probably not and if it did I would be incredibly shocked. Some of these were kind of generic, but for the most part the MCU always delivers. They have one of the best track records of any film franchise in the last 10 years and they have delivered twenty plus movies. But here is to another 10 years of hopefully good movies and nothing resembling Thor: The Dark World or The Incredible Hulk ever again.

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