Do’s and Do Not’s: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Opening Day

After years and years and years of waiting, we are finally going to have an entire land dedicated to Star Wars with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: Batuu: Black Spire Outpost: Turbo Edition! I can’t think of a more anticipated opening and what better way to celebrate than some good ol’ fashioned Churro baked do and do nots! Maybe watching the movies, but this is quicker.

The most anticipated land opening in Theme Parks history. Will it be good? Yes.

Do: Arrive Early for Your Reservation

If you are one of the lucky people who got a reservation, especially for the first day, you are going to want to show up early to register so you can maximize your time in Black Spire Outpost. You’ll only have four hours, so make the most of it.”

Do Not: Sneak In as Two Guys in a Trench coat/Jedi Robe

No amount of Jedi mind tricks or Little Rascals shenanigans will get you in to Galaxy’s Edge if you don’t have a reservation. So save you and a buddy the shoulder pain and wait until it opens to the general public.

Do: Ride Smugglers Run

It is a ride where you can pilot the most famous ship in the galaxy that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs (which we now know is distance and not time thanks to Solo). Even cooler, you can crash it. I don’t recommend crashing it, but you do you Space cowboy.

Do Not: Try to Line Up for Rise of the Resistance

Big problem with trying to do this, Aaron is also going to be there. And on top of smelling bad and being on of those, “talk to every rando in line,” type of people, he’s also going to line up for this ride. Never mind that the ride isn’t even going to be open for another few months, you don’t want to line up next to Aaron.

Do: Check Out the Shopping

Lots of great merchandise locations await you at Batuu. So go and buy some neat trinkets to show everyone that you went there. Outside of pictures, how else are they gonna know?

Do Not: Check Yourself Out After Shopping

This ain’t Target.

Do: Walk Around and Enjoy the Land

The team of Imagineers put in a lot of time making this land look amazing. Take a stroll through the land to see everything and take lots of pictures. You’ll need something to show people that you went there along with all the stuff you bought.

Do Not: Run Around in Your Underwear Swinging a Lightsaber Yelling, “I Am a Jedi!”

Unless your name is Tracy Jamel Morgan, you cannot do this for legal reasons/you cannot be as funny while doing it. Don’t even try.

Do: Be Nice

So no jokes or anything with this. There will be a lot of people. There will be people who cannot get into the land. Lines will be long. It will be hot. The cast members who have to deal with all of this do not make the decisions and are there to make sure the ride runs, you get fed and can buy stuff. Be nice to them. Also be nice to other guests. Everyone wants to enjoy the land, so don’t be a jerk. Wait in line and be respectful to everyone. No one is more important than anyone else and having a positive attitude can help in making the waits more bearable.

And those are just some of the do’s and do not’s for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. To all the brave souls who are going to be there bright and early opening day, I just have one thing to tell you. Live long and prosper. 🖖

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