Great Ways to Spend 4th of July at Walt Disney World

Independence Day! Not just a great movie with a meh sequel, but also a great holiday in America or just a day in the United Kingdom. And thousands of people celebrate it every year at Walt Disney World. But there are several ways to enjoy the festivities at several locations throughout the parks. What are they, we’ll keep reading and I’ll tell you.

1. The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History

We start off in the Magic Kingdom with the best show on property. This show actually has two different stories they can tell. The Declaration of Independence and the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Deciding which is better is like deciding which child I like, and I don’t even have kids! It several times throughout the day and contains that classic Muppet brand of educational humor. Plus Sam Eagle is and always will be the best. And while you’re in Liberty Square…

2. The Hall of Presidents

One of the 4 audio animatronic shows at Magic Kingdom (and the only one that doesn’t have legions of passionate fans), this is an educational trip through the history of this country and its leaders. It features a great speech from Abraham Lincoln, a history video about the troubled times America has overcame and I’m stopping there out of fear of causing a ruckus on the last part of the show. But what if you’re like me an prefer your American history audio animatronic shows to be about more than just the presidents?

3. The American Adventure

Located at the pavilion of the same name in World Showcase at Epcot, this show tells this history of America through robots and folk songs. It is an incredibly complex show with multiple sets and animatronics. And the closing movie with Golden Wings gets me every time. And it’s better now that they changed the end video to add more current American triumphs and remove some controversial figures (Lance Armstrong). It’s weird because that took so long. Thankfully it wasn’t someone like Jared the Subway guy in there. That would’ve been really bad. Steroids are definitely the lesser bad of those two.

4. Watch Carousel of Progress, But Only the Second Scene

Want audio animatronic shows, but only want to sit through 1/4 of it? Well this will fill that void in your patriotic life. It takes place on the 4th of July during the 20’s right before anything bad happens. It features big band music, power outages, the invention of AC with no privacy and potential embarrassment from Theodore. All the good stuff that the founding fathers would’ve wanted to see when they declared independence.

5. Go to the United Kingdom Pavilion to Gloat

Okay, so no joke, there’s an episode of Community that features Subway as a big plot point and has Jared in it. Like full on in the show and talking to people. It’s not a big part either. They could’ve just removed him and no one would’ve noticed. It’s just kind of…weird seeing him in old tv episodes. But anyways, go to the UK and say that we won.

6. Magic Kingdom Fireworks

One of two shows they do each year that provides a full 360 degree view. You watch it and you are surrounded by explosions, John Phillip Sousa music and sweaty people. It is the best fireworks show to see on July 3rd and the second best on July 4th. Which brings us to:

7. Illuminations: The Heart Beat of Freedom

The actual Salute to All Nations: But Mostly America fireworks show on property, this show is as amazing as it is loud. That’s probably because the 2 minute tag uses more fireworks than the entire 12 minute normal show, ozone layer be darned. This is also the last year to see it. So don’t miss out on the last chance to watch this amazing show.

8. Get a themed cupcake at…Animal Kingdom?

Okay, I know I said that you could celebrate it across the property. But honestly outside of Epcot or Magic Kingdom, there’s not a whole lot. But hey, it makes Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom a little less busy. So there’s always that.

And that’s all the great ways to celebrate the holiday at half of Walt Disney World. They definitely do more for Independence Day than Boxing Day. Which makes sense, where are you gonna get enough boxes for that many people?

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