Do’s and Don’ts: Food and Wine Festival 2019

Here at The Churro, I enjoy nothing more than telling people what they should and shouldn’t do (it’s my right and duty as a blogger after all). So with all the commotion about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening up in WDW, there is another long standing event that starts the exact same day. The Epcot Food and Win Festival starts on the exact same day, but hasn’t been talked about as much due to sharing a date with the new guy next door. So let’s show some love to everyone’s favorite excuse to spend too much money to eat and drink with some Do’s and Don’ts!

Who’s ready for good eats and drinks? We certainly are! Photo Credit: WDW Info

Do: Pace Yourself
As anyone who has ever ran a race or been in love will tell you, you never want to exert yourself too much at the beginning. Otherwise, as anyone who has ran a race or fell in love will tell you, you will never be able to finish. Take some time and study the booths and make a battle plan. The passport book has all the booths in order around the park. Thumb through it and pick the dishes you want and take your time getting and eating them. There’s a lot of great things to choose from that you’ll want to try.

Don’t: Drink Yourself Stupid
We’ve all been at the park and seen someone get SO drunk that they do something stupid like jump in Worldshowcase Lagoon or climb the Mexico Pyramid. I enjoy alcohol as much as the next guy, but back to the first do you need to pace yourself. There are some great alcohol options, so take some time and sip and enjoy them.

Do: Try Something Different
I never knew how much I enjoyed scallops, Pao de Queijo, snails or meatless meat until trying all of them at Food and Wine. Be adventurous with the options available. Sure it’s great to get the standards that you would normally enjoy. But branch out and try something new every time you go. You never know what you might find that you like.

Don’t: Drink Yourself Stupid
No one likes a sloppy drunk person who is belligerent to a child singing Frozen songs. And the only way to be that person is to drink too much. So please, don’t drink too much. This is the 100% surefire way to not be drunkenly belligerent to a child singing Frozen songs.

Do: See the Eat to the Beat Concert Series
I have seen the following bands because of this: Wang Chung, Smash Mouth, Hanson, Starship, Air Supply, The Village People, Plain White T’s and Night Ranger. These concerts are included with admission and are super fun to watch. I once saw the singer of Air Supply deny a hug to someone who was following him through the crowd trying to get one. The music is also good, pending on if you enjoy the artist you’re seeing.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Use a Trashcan as a Table
They never put out enough tables for everyone, so use the next best thing. There is one every 30 feet. And the best part is, you don’t have to look for a trash can afterwards. Disney trash cans are also usually clean. So don’t be afraid to use this staple in improving making a table.

Do: Buy Commemorative Merchandise
Merchandise is a great way to bring home a tangible memory. So show the world that you went somewhere by buying a shirt, hat, pin, spirit jersey, cup or all of the above. There are lots of options available. That is unless…

Don’t: Buy All the Commemorative Merchandise
Don’t be an eBay reseller. You won’t make THAT much money and if you’re an annual passholder they can revoke your pass. Sure, you can always get extra for your friends. But Cast Members know no sane person is buying 10 shirts of every size for their friends. Who has 60 friends that are evenly distributed by shirt size? Trust me, they know and can smell one from a mile away (figuratively and literally).

Do: Go with a Big Group and Share Food
A great way to cut down on the cost of food is to go with a large group and take turns buying food and splitting up among everyone. Yeah, the scallops are about $5, but when you go with a group of friends, you could end up spending less than $1 for the same thing. That way you can also stretch the hunger so you can try more things for less!

Don’t: Drink Yourself Stupid
DON’T! DRINK! TOO! MUCH! I don’t know how much I can really stress how much harder you make it for the people working and enjoying the part by being a drunken idiot. It’s better and cheaper to get hammered at home. For the cost of one beer at Epcot, you can buy a 12 pack at a grocery store. Save you money and the embarrassment and just drink to enjoy. You will remember the fun times you had and it doesn’t hit your wallet as hard.

And those are the things that you should and shouldn’t do at Food and Wine. It’s a great time of year where we can celebrate world cuisine. But hurry, the celebration ends in November when they change over from celebrating world cuisine to holiday world cuisine.

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