The Churro Blog Endorsing Joe Biden for President

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Today I’m going to exercise one of my freedoms by using my platform to endorse a presidential candidate for the upcoming 2020 election. And as the title says, is Joe Biden.

The big question of, “why should an theme park and entertainment blog endorse a presidential candidate,” is a valid question. I talk about non important things like building one McDonald’s in the middle of a large plot of land, my favorite video game and things to not do at a theme park. But this election is so important and crucial to the country, that not talking about it would be a disservice. Will it alienate the readership of this blog? That’s assuming I have a readership to do that to. But this is far more than a political issue. Everything that has happened this year could have been either avoided or mitigated if there was better leadership at the top. So if you’re upset that Disney delayed or canceled several cool projects or worse, and more what you should care about, several million people being temporarily fired or permanently laid off and businesses closing due to financial hardship because they stayed closed for so long, you can thank the orange at the top for that one. He killed the dreams of a powerful rat named Charles Entertainment Cheese who only wanted a place to play music, serve okay pizza and have a place where a kid could be a kid. But Chuck’s story is one on many who have been effected recently due to poor leadership at the top and it will only get worse if a change is not made.

So why Joe Biden? What makes him the candidate I’m voting for this year? Simply put, he’s not Trump. And while that may be a bad reason any other year, this election it makes all the difference. He does have other good qualities as well such as being able to work with both sides of the aisle, he tends to be more moderate (which also appeals to a group we’ll talk about later) and above all is well respected internationally being the VP for Obama who was probably the best president we’ve had for international relations. Biden also has been wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic, showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement and isn’t an insane carrot.

But the biggest reason for the Biden endorsement has little to do with him (though it does help and I do like him but I was also hoping Kamala Harris would’ve gotten it, here’s hoping she’s the VP pick), and more to do with the incumbent President Donald Trump. For the last four years, he has shown that he is simply not fit to be the President. Whether it is him blasting journalists left and right for telling the truth, ignoring real issues, creating boogeymen and strawmen to attack, showing clear favoritism for certain states because they’re Republican, doing absolutely nothing to help decrease the spread of COVID-19, creating awkward photo ops, forcefully removing peaceful protesters to have said photo-ops, inciting violence, demeaning a movement that wants racial equality and the end of police brutality, knowing about bounties Russia put on American soldiers and doing nothing, retweeting a video to support the people in it even though one of his supporters clearly yells, “White power,” and so much more. And that’s not covering his entire term, that’s JUST the last two months. There is four years worth of terrible things that I do not have the time to list without wanting to hurl a brick through the window in anger because that is somehow able to be considered Presidential material.

Things with Trump have gotten so bad that there have been efforts within the Republican Party to actually help Biden in winning. There is George W. Bush’s Republican Super PAC which has decided to not fund Trump, but Biden instead. Republican Voters Against Trump has been created, taking testimonials from current Republicans or people who voted for Trump in 2016 saying why they will not do it again this year. But my favorite has been The Lincoln Project, which has done a better job at dunking on Trump and discrediting him than Biden has so far. The ads by them clearly show that there is frustration within the party towards Trump.

The good news is that these efforts to take him down are working. Several primary candidates endorsed by Trump recently have gone on to lose and states that he won last time are showing in certain polls that he is losing in them. And these are not just swing states. Texas and other deep red states are also showing to be trending more towards Biden by slight to wide margins. It has gotten so bad that some reports have said that Trump may drop out if he knows he can’t win. These efforts are working, but cannot stop. We don’t just need to narrowly beat Trump. He needs to be absolutely decimated. I’m talking 1984 Reagan vs Mondale bad (for reference, Mondale only won 13 of the possible 538 Electoral College votes). This why I am doing my part to endorse Joe Biden for the 2020 Presidential Election. While some may want to vote for a third party candidate, any other year I would support it. But given how third parties tend to split the votes even more and this election is so big and important I would advise against it. There is too much riding on the line this year. We need a return to sensibility. We need a return to not being the laughing stock of the world. We need Joe Biden.

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