Top 10 Places to Drink at Walt Disney World

It’s been a while since I could hold my head up high and have done a top 10 list. If there is one thing that Disney is known for it’s all the crazy cool food and beverage with plenty of locations to get something. So I figured I would highlight some of my favorite places to drink at Walt Disney World. So let’s check out the best places to drink at the Most Magical Place on Earth!

10. A Chair

If there’s one thing I love as much as drinking, it’s sitting. The benefit of the chair is that it allows me to not only drink, but sit while doing so. Highly recommend grabbing a chair a drinking.

9. A Bench

See the above for chair, but now with the added bonus of having buddies sitting next to you!

8. Leaning Against a Wall

I love looking like a cool and hip Instagram model, so leaning against a wall while enjoying something to quench my thirst is the perfect way to look like that only thing that matters to me in the world is leaning against the wall and putting whatever beverage is in my hand into my mouth.

7. In Line for a Ride

Lines can be super hot. What better place to enjoy something to drink than in a line. You might need it too to prevent you from succumbing to dehydration.

6. In the Bathroom

I’m a simple man who has to use the bathroom from time to time. Sometimes, depending on what I ate and/or drank, I could be in there for a while. So what better way to pass the time than to enjoy a nice drink! Plus this way, I only need to wait a little bit and I’m already by a toilet to pee. It’s a win win.

5. On the Tower of Terror

Those no eating or drinking signs are a load of baloney. There is no better time to enjoy something to drink that on a ride where you go up and down multiple times faster than the speed of gravity. Plus you get bonus points if you don’t spill a lot.

4. Performing in the Indian Jones Stunt Show Spectacular

There’s a lot of high energy action in the IJSSS. Flips, kicks, explosions. It’s something that is sure to whip up a need to drink. But I’m not a loser who waits until I’m done performing in a show I snuck into perform in. I’ll have my drink mid fight. See above about earning bonus points.

3. Trying on A Princess Dress at World Of Disney

This is America, and if I want to enjoy a drink while trying to fit into an Elsa dress that is clearly 4 sizes too small I should be able to. Where does it say in the Constitution that I can’t do that.

2. Looking Out Over World Showcase Lagoon Wondering What I Have Been Doing with the Last 30 Years of My Life Wondering if Everything I Have Done Has Been Worth It. Am I Just a Joke? Will My Life Amount to Anything Meaningful? Will the Eventual Death that Lingers Near Me Finally Take Me Away from This Temporary Vasal Known As Body? Is There an Afterlife? Will I See It? I See a Figure of Someone Drowning? Do I Save Them? Why Would I Hesitate? Is Morality Just a Man Made Construct to Convince Selfish People to Not Be That Way? What Does All of This Mean?

…with all those thoughts, how could I NOT have a drink.

And Number 1 is: A Bar

What better place to have a drink than a bar? It’s got everything listed about, chairs, leaning possibilities, fear of dropping drinks or going into an existential crisis but with the addition of a table. I’m not an octopus, I can only hold 2 drinks. But with a table and easy ordering of drinks, it’s the best place to get one.

That’s my Top 10 list of the best places to get a drink at Walt Disney World! Check out next week when I discuss how to dissect a mango without getting juice everywhere.

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